An educational resource for those interested in becoming a recipient parent via surrogacy.

Surrogacy Terms

Confused by all the various surrogacy terms? Here is our cheat sheet to help.

Short Hand Meanings

GS- Gestational Surrogate

TS – Traditional Surrogate

TTC- Trying To Conceive

LMP- Last Menstrual Period

SAHM- Stay At Home Mom

RE- Reproductive Endocrinologist

ED- Egg Donor

IVF- In vitro Fertilization

IUI -Intrauterine Insemination

BMI- Body Mass Index

BC- Birth Control

2WW- Two Week Wait

HPT- Home Pregnancy Test

IP- Intended Parents AKA Recipient Parents

IM- Intended Mother

IF- Intended Father

ET- Embryo Transfer

FET- Frozen Embryo Transfer

US- Ultrasound

AI- Artificial Insemination

PG- Pregnant

POB- Pre-Birth Order  AKA Parental Establishment Agreement

MMPI- Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Surrogacy Terms

Gestational Surrogate- A Surrogate mom who becomes pregnant with donor eggs or eggs of couple she is carrying for. Gestational surrogates ARE NOT the biological mother of the child they are carrying.

Traditional Surrogate- A Surrogate mom who becomes pregnant using her own eggs and the sperm of the person she is carrying for. Traditional Surrogate is also the BIOLOGICAL MOTHER of  the child she is carrying.

Egg Donor- A woman who donates her eggs usually for a fee.

Agency- A company which for a fee handles matching surrogates with recipient parents and oversees all aspects of the entire process.

Independent-  A surrogacy done without the assistance of a surrogacy agency.

Recipient Parent/Intended Parent- Person the surrogate mother is carrying the child for.

Surrogacy Exclusion- A insurance term where the insurance company WILL NOT cover a surrogate pregnancy.

Transfer- Where the eggs created via IVF are then implanted in the surrogate mom.

Bed Rest- Where you must stay in bed for a length of time.

In Vitro Fertilization- A process where sperm and egg are put together while they are in a laboratory dish.

Pregnancy Complication- A health condition during pregnancy that could put you or the unborn child at risk.

Beta HCG- Blood test done to confirm pregnancy. This number needs to double to confirm pregnancy.

Base Fee- The amount of compensation a surrogate will be paid to carry the pregnancy without extras.

Extras- Items a surrogate will be paid for above and beyond the base fee. Example (maternity clothing, food etc..)

Termination- Ending a pregnancy completely usually for medical or genetic reason.

Reduction- A medical procedure used to reduce a multiple pregnancy with a large number of fetuses usually three or more  without entirely terminating the pregnancy. This procedure is usually advised due to the risks to surrogate and baby from carrying a large number of fetuses at one time.

Fertility Medication- Usually Lupron and progesterone oil. Theses meds are usually injected by the surrogate mom into her body and prepare her body for embryo transfer and upcoming pregnancy.

Pre-Birth Order State- A State when surrogate mother resides where a court order can be handed down while the surrogate mother is still pregnant giving legal rights to the recipient parents.

Reproductive Lawyer- A attorney who specializes in issues related to surrogacy and egg donation.

Surrogacy Agreement- A legally binding contract a surrogate enters with the recipients. Where she agrees to carry a child for them to the best of her ability and they agree to compensate her and cover all expenses related to the pregnancy. This agreement should be drafted by a reproductive attorney

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI or MMPI2)- A mandatory test administered by a psychologist  which determines if a women is mentally competent and able to handle entering into a surrogacy agreement.


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