An educational resource for those interested in becoming a recipient parent via surrogacy.

Questions To Ask A Potential Surrogate Mother

Not sure what to ask your potential surrogate mother? Here’s a bit of help!

***Remember, your the potential recipient parent, NO Question should be off limits. You are trusting this person to carry your child for nine months! Treat her just like you would any babysitter thats coming into your home to watch your children! ASK AWAY!

1. What’s your height and weight? (Clinic often have weight restrictions or BMI restrictions. Think heathy and proportionate. 5’4 or higher for multiples.)

2. Age? (Should be 40 or under), ideally between 25-32.

3. Married or not? How long?

4. Support system? Who are they and how will they be supporting her?

5. Number of children?

6. How many c-sections? (No more than 2 is the rule of thumb. Tight budget? Skip the surrogate who has had c-section! They cost a lot more!! )

7. How far is it to the local hospital from your house?

8. Do you have a OB/GYN already picked?

9. Do you have heath insurance? Does it cover surrogacy?

10. Any health problems?

11. Any complications during pregnancy?

12.What do you like to eat and drink?

13. Do you smoke, drink or take drugs? How often for each?

14. Occupations – both you and your spouses?

15. Are you looking for lost wages? Get salary information and make sure she has evidence to substantiate it.

16. Do you have child care? If so, how much is it a hour?

17. Are you ok with taking injections everyday for weeks at a time?

18. Are you willing to tell the doctor or nurse if you don’t understand something?

19. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? What about your partner?

20. Years at current address? Any plans on moving?

21. How will your family survive if you are on bed rest?

22. Any use of government assistance? (Food stamps, welfare, section 8 etc…)

23. Do you have a car?

24. Comfortable with a background check?

25. Date of last physical?

26. Willing to undergo background check? Is your partner?

27. Desired compensation and extras?

28. Willing to terminate pregnancy or reduce multiples if needed?

29. Why do you want to be a surrogate?


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