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My Favorite Baby Products And Why I Love Them!

I love babies and baby products.  Since the agency started, I’m always on the hunt for the best baby products I can gift recipients to help them start their amazing journey with their new bundle of joy. I am now a mom of four,   one of whom is a 3 month old . I have been exposed to lots of baby products over the years, but only a few have really impressed me. So I thought I would create a list of my favorite products and why I love them.

Organic Kidz 9 oz wide mouth bottle $17.99 – I love these stainless steel bottles. The main reason is this bottle grows with your child You can transform it from bottle  to sippy cup, then from Sippy cup to water bottle, which is the perfect size for your child’s lunch box. Heat the bottle by running it under hot water or in the bottle warmer.  We have 6 of these at our house and even our older kids use and love them. Save money by getting them online at Babies R Us when they are on sale.

Lifefactory 9 oz glass bottle $16.99 -If you’re looking for a glass option, these are great. I love that they grow with baby – just change the top. You can also microwave them unlike the stainless steel option. The silicon sleeve looks super cool and modern. Even though the manufacturer says you can freeze them, DON’T.  We lost one when our 9 year old’s P.E. teacher suggested freezing a bottle of water for  P.E.

Avent 4 oz bottles $16.99 for 3 pack- We have used these with all of our kids. They are great to keep baby from excessive spit up and gas. Change the top and use them for storing breast milk, baby food and many other small items once baby is done with them. Don’t forget to add the plastic ring insert, or the bottle will be a leaky mess.

NUK Pacifiers $5.99 for 2  The only pacifiers Baby M will take. We have them all over our house, diaper bag and a few in the car for those moments that need a pacifier. There is also research that pacifiers reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Calming baby with a pacifier is a win-win for all.

Mobywrap $40.00- See pic above of me in the office with Baby M in the MobyWrap. This product is a life saver! Baby M has been everywhere in Mobywrap. I don’t know how I would get anything done without this. I’m sensitive to crying and when nothing else is working, I put on Mobywrap and move on with what I was doing. Before I know it, baby is sleeping and my hands are free to get whatever task I need to get done completed. Our baby almost never naps unless she’s in the car or in Mobywrap. Having baby close and cuddling you never gets old !

Umbrella Stroller (price varies)- I love umbrella strollers. They are quick to open and light weight. Great option for city babies. We currently have a Bugaboo but it’s a HUGE pain in the a** and takes up our entire trunk. We have a pink Maclaren Volo in our garage which will be on its 3rd kid and still going strong.  This model is lightweight, portable, compact, well-made, is an excellent basic stroller. We will be dusting it off as soon as Baby M can sit up a little better.

Baby Bjorn $60.00 and up- Want a easy on and off baby carrier thats dad friendly too? Baby Bjorn is it. Baby can face forward or back, depending upon how well baby can hold its head. All of our kids loved this when they were younger. If you live in cold weather, splurge for the  hooded sack that goes over the carrier to keep baby warm. Consignment stores usually have a good selection of them for around $20 buck or so.

Cloth Diapers $17.99 and up- I love cloth diapers. I honestly don’t understand why more people don’t entertain the idea of cloth diapers.  The industry has come along way since diapers which look like dish rags. Cloth diapers now a days have stuff able pockets and come in bright beautiful colors and prints. Washing is a snap un-stuff the pockets and put everything in the washing machine and your good to go. Cloth diapers are also a one time investment 20 one size cloth diapers will last your child from birth 6-8 lbs depending on brand to potty training. When your done with them save them for baby number two or hock them on e-bay or diaper swappers.

Graco Snugride Carseat $160 and up- The only infant carseat I have ever used with our kids. Comfy and safe. The two most important things for a trip in the car.

Britax Roundabout $160 and up- Once baby is out of the infant seat this car seat is a excellent choice. Great safety rating and comfortable for baby and toddler.

Backpack or Large Purse – Got a old backpack or large purse taking up space somewhere in your closet? Now you have a diaper bag which is likely better and more attractive than the ones they sell at the baby stores.

PUJ Baby Tub  $39.99- This infant bath tub fits in any sink. No more leaning over the bath tube to wash baby. Once baby has grown out of PUJ kitchen sink or the bath tub are excellent replacements.

Blender or Food Processor  (Price Varies)- Making baby food is economical, better for baby and really cool to do right now. iTunes has a number of  recipe apps for making baby food.

Infant Play Mat $29.99 and up – Full of brightly colored hanging toys baby will have a great time looking at and grabbing.


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