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Criteria For The Ideal Surrogate Mother.

One of the biggest challenges a recipient parent faces is how to find the ideal surrogate mother.  Just because a women has successfully given birth to a child does not mean that she is able to become a surrogate mother.

Surrogate mothers are a rare breed of women who are capable of carrying a fetus to full term that does not legally belong to the surrogate, and then relinquish control of the child to the recipient parent. This is done with the knowledge that the surrogate mother may never hear from or see that child or recipient parent again.

Not all women are able to do this. It is important that the recipient parent ask the potential surrogate mother about how she envisions the arrangement between her and the recipient parent. and then compare that to the recipient’s ideal scenario. There isn’t a right or a wrong way, but it’s important for the recipient to be upfront with the surrogate mother about how much contact there will be between themselves and the surrogate mother both during the surrogacy and after the baby is born.

The ideal surrogate mother is healthy and free of disease and aliments. This can not be stressed enough. Your surrogate mother doesn’t just need to be healthy reproductively, she needs to be healthy physically. Your surrogate mother provides the environment your baby is going to grow and develop in. Make sure your surrogate mother consumes a healthy diet, is not overweight, free of high blood pressure and diabetes, and sexually monogamous, just to name a few. To confirm the overall health of your chosen surrogate,  ask your surrogate mother to have a physical by a general practitioner  or ob/gyn as well as your chosen IVF physician. Often times, a person may have high blood pressure or diabetes and not show any symptoms. High blood pressure and diabetes can lead to numerous problems with the pregnancy and delivery. Producing complete medical records are also a must. Ask your surrogate mother to produce medical records for all of her previous pregnancies to your IVF physician prior to her screening appointment.

The mental health of your surrogate mother and her partner is also very important. What kind of lifestyle do they lead? Are they under any stress? Would they describe themselves as financially stable? The ideal surrogate doesn’t have to be rich but is able to meet her monthly expenses without being a surrogate mother. Surrogate mothers should always have a psychological evaluation by a therapist who is familiar with issues that can arise during a surrogacy.

It is the recipient’s responsibility to make sure that the surrogate ultimately selected is healthy, emotionally stable, and will provide an outstanding environment not only inside the womb, but also externally in the surrogate’s native surroundings until the baby is born. Following the above guidelines will help assure a healthy baby , andy also give recipient parents the piece of mind knowing that they have done everything possible to select an outstanding surrogate mother.


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